President of KBVP

KIM Hyun-uk


The Korean Board of Veterinary Practitioners (KBVP) was officially launched on March 15, 2015 with the mission of providing companion animals and their owners with a quality care from veterinarians anywhere in the country. To achieve this goal, KBVP strives to standardize medical treatment, improve care techniques and communication skills, and foster high-quality clinicians. In an attempt to promote the standing of veterinary doctors and expand their work scope, we set up the concept of ‘One-Health & One-Medicine’ and will disseminate it.

The first KBVP Forum will be held on Sep. 19 to 20 in Mayfield Hotel & Resort, Seoul, Korea. The Forum is comprised of educational, social programs and events which will offer vets continued education and fun with their families and friends. Particularly for veterinary students, “Academy for Youth Vets” is designed on July 19 in collaboration with the Korea Veterinary Students’ Association (KVSA). Vet students will have chances to explore their career options and they will also meet suppliers and partners in the industry in Job Fair. Taking advantage of the fact the venue is located in a spot that is highly accessible from any country in Asia, we are opening Business Fair on July 20 where suppliers in import/export business are encouraged to participate.

KBVP pledges itself to expand the market of companion animals and ensure co-prosperity of related businesses in the days to come. We look forward to your keen interest and participation. Sincerely,

Chairman of the KBVP Forum

Oh, Tae-ho


I strongly believe that clinical veterinarians’ passion and dedication to continued education has brought about the remarkable development in the clinical veterinary medicine. Now it is time for us to seek new ways and change our paradigm.

Established in March 2015 under the notion of “One-Health” that diseases will be easily cured when ‘Vets – Companion animals – Pet owners – Doctors’ are united, KBVP seeks to ensure vets’ trust and respect in the society. The vet medicine compared with the general medicine has been a little short of fair recognition, which now shows signs of reversing.

As a first step for the goal, the KBVP Forum will run for two days from Sep. 19 to 20, 2015. The Forum consists of programs in line with its founding philosophy and we invite you to the Forum to exchange information, sharpen professional skills and build up the network. You are also encouraged to come along with your family and friends to have fun at the Forum as the venue is rich in natural beauties even located in the urban area.
Thank you.