2019 KBVP Symposium


2019년 10월 13일 프로그램

KBVP Organ-Based Symposium on Adrenal Gland(13th October 2019)

Tim Lecture Speaker Title/Institute Country
07:30 Registration
07:40 Speakers’ Pre-meeting Reception with Coffee All Speakers
08:30 Welcome Remarks Prof. Oh, Tae-Ho Chairman of KBVP Korea
08:40 Anatomy and Histopathology Prof. Kim, Yongbeak Seoul National University Korea
09:00 Endocrinology
09:20 Coffee Break
09:30 Addison’s Diagnosis and Treatment Prof. Lathan, Patty Mississippi State University USA
10:20 Atypical Addison’s Disease
11:00 Coffee Break
11:10 Cushing’s Diagnosis in Dogs Dr. Ishida Takuo President of JBVP Japan
11:30 Discriminating Canine Pituitary from Adrenal Tumor Cushing’s
12:00 Q/A
12:30 Lunch Box Setting
12:50 Lunch Seminar-1 Shinhan Life
13:10 Lunch Seminar-2 Virbac Korea
13:30 Medical Management of Canine Cushing’s Dr. Ishida Takuo President of JBVP Japan
14:00 Cushing’s Syndrome in Cats (Cats are NOT small dogs!)
14:30 Coffee Break
14:40 Hyperaldosteronism in Dogs and Cats Dr. Ishida Takuo President of JBVP Japan
14:55 Cortisol Precursor Disorder Prof. Lathan, Patty Mississippi State University USA
15:10 Pheochormocytoma
15:25 Non-functional Adrenal Gland Tumor
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 Radiography and Ultrasonography of Normal Canine and Feline Adrenals Prof. Choi, Jihye Chonnam National University Korea
16:20 Ultrasonography of Abnormal Canine and Feline Adrenals
16:40 CT, MRI and PET Scans of Adrenals in Dogs and Cats
17:00 Coffee Break
17:10 Anesthesia, Pre-surgical & Post-surgical Management Prof. Lee, Inhyung Seoul National University Korea
17:30 Adrenalectomy Dr. Wijit Sutthiprapa Kasetsart University Thailand
17:50 Panel Discussion All Speakers
18:30 Closing Remarks Dr. Kim, Hyun-Wook President of KBVP